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Tomato Products

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Culinary Wines & Alcohol

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Honey & Syrups

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Edible Oils & Fats

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Fruit & Vegetable Juice

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Grocery Products

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Dried Fruit & Vegetables

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Pasta, Rice & Grains

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IQF Ingredients

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Colours & Flavourings

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Tomato Products

Botanically a fruit, the tomato can be used in a wide variety of food manufacturing due to it’s savoury flavour, and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Did you know that processed tomatoes have even higher levels of antioxidants than raw ones?

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What we offer

  • Tomato Concentrate

  • Crushed & Diced Tomato

  • Passata

  • Pizza Sauce

  • Sun Dried / Sun Soaked

  • Tomato Powder, Flakes & Granules

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Culinary Wines, Alcohols & Vinegars

These ingredients are the perfect compliment to a variety of dishes, whether sweet or savoury, whatever the season. They offer varied flavour combinations and can additional
provenance to your finished product.

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What we offer

  • Wine

  • Fortified Wine

  • Liqueurs

  • Spirits

  • Beers

  • Cider

  • Vinegars

  • Ethnic Alcohols- Rice Wine, Mirin & Sake

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Honey & Syrups

The use of honey and sugar syrups in the food and beverages industry is growing rapidly. An increase in the health consciousness of consumers is seeing a switch to natural sugars as a low-calorie alternative to refined sugars. We supply a wide range of honeys including single country, speciality blends plus organic honeys from a variety of origins. A variety of product blends to specific customer requirements are also produced.

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What we offer

  • Honey

  • Maple Syrup

  • Agave

  • Golden Syrup

  • Black Treacle

  • Molasses

olive oil

Edible Oils & Fats

Traditionally used for frying, baking, and other types of cooking these products can also used in food preparation and flavouring not involving heat, such as salad dressings and bread dips. Edible oils can be flavoured with aromatic foodstuffs such as fruit, herbs, chillies or garlic to add flavour and intensity to a variety of culinary applications.


What we offer

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Pomace Olive Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Rapeseed oil

  • Sesame Oil

  • Coconut Oil

  • Organic Oil

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Fruit & Vegetable Juices, Purees & Juice Concentrates

Particularly suited to the beverage, bakery and dairy sectors these ingredients are sourced globally and can be sourced by variety, by country of origin and sometimes by region, if you want to give your product provenance. They bring refreshing variety to product portfolio and deliver a natural colour and flavour to a wide range of customers.

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What we offer

  • NFC Fruit/ Vegetable Juice

  • Fruit / Vegetable Juice Concentrate

  • Fruit / Vegetable Puree

  • Fruit / Vegetable Pulp

  • Fruit / Vegetable Oil / Essence

  • Bespoke Fruit / Vegetable blends

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These ingredients are the non-perishable foods, typically packaged in bottles, boxes, and cans, that any chef keeps in constant supply - those must-have condiments, seasonings, favourite sauces and core spices that add flavour, moisture, and visual appeal to dishes of any nationality.

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What we offer

  • Tinned Fruits

  • Tinned Vegetables

  • Tinned Pulses

  • Sauces

  • Purees

  • Pesto

  • Mustard

  • Chutney

  • Sugar

  • Spices

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Dried Fruit & Vegetables

Dried fruit and vegetables have most of the original water content removed naturally, through sun drying, or through the use of specialized dryers or dehydrators. Dried fruit and vegetables have a long tradition of use because of their sweet taste, nutritive value, and long shelf life making them perfect ingredients to add sweetness to soups and casseroles and perfect for baking.

dried fruit

What we offer

  • Dried Whole Fruits

  • Diced Fruit

  • Dried Fruit Paste

  • Juice Infused Fruits

  • Candied Fruits

  • Fruit Powders

  • Freeze Dried Fruits

  • Dehydrated Vegetables

  • Dried Vegetable Powders, Flakes & Granules

  • Dried Puffed Vegetables

  • Pre-cooked Dried Pulses

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Pasta, Rice & Grains

These ingredients are nutritious, delicious and versatile; low in fat and sodium, high in fibre, they have no cholesterol and grow in many varieties, colours and sizes. Added to a host of dishes, they create a medley of colour and flavour retention and they can also be used as a thickener to add body and texture. they can be used in both hot and cold recipes including ready meals, salads, soups, sauces, dips, sandwich fillings and formed products.

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What we offer

  • Pasta

  • Rice

  • Bulgar Wheat

  • Cous Cous

  • Freekah

  • Sorghum

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IQF Ingredients

IQF is a freezing method used in food processing industry. Products commonly frozen with IQF technologies are typically smaller pieces of food. A growing demand and interest in IQF products is registered at global level due to the high quality and consistency of these products and to the practical benefits of having separately frozen pieces. The IQF process preserves the size, taste and cell structure of the food.


What we offer

  • IQF Fruits

  • IQF Vegetables

  • IQF Roasted or Grilled Vegetables

  • IQF Pulses

  • IQF Pasta, Rice & Grains

  • Organic

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Colours, Flavours & Botanicals

Our portfolio of flavours include both natural and non-natural flavours, suitable for a wide variety of applications and are particularly suited to the drinks, dairy, bakery, confectionery, ice cream and sports nutrition sectors. Supplied in a variety of forms depending on the application- liquids, emulsions, plated powders and spray dried powder formats to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers. We can also offer a bespoke flavour creation service.


What we offer

  • Powdered Flavour

  • Liquid Flavour

  • Extracts

  • Natural / Nature Identical/ Artificial Colours

  • Botanical Extracts

  • Emulsions and Compound Flavours

  • Spray Dried Flavours

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